International Injury Nashru Day

This morning, Ciaran informed me with a giant smile that it was officially "Injury Nashru" Day! 

Injury Nashru has been one of his favorite "words" for a while now.  He knows it is not real, but he likes gaslighting us into believing that it is.   Rosemary and I have both fallen victim to the look of incredulity when we do not recognize Injury Nashru when it is clearly staring us in the face.   I can see a future book of philosophy debating the reality of Injury Nashru as a place, object, or state of being. 

The #1 rule of Injury Nashru Day is that you must eat chocolate chip cookies.  Perhaps  you were not aware of this fact.

Rule #2 of Injury Nashru Day is that you can only celebrate it if everybody feels good. 

Rule #3 of Injury Nashru Day is that you "do all kinds of different stuff".

I hope you managed to celebrate in your own way today and if you missed it today perhaps you can participate next time. Smiler
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