March of the Baby Loggerheads



This morning on our beach walk, Rosemary and I came across a small group of people gathered by the water.  This wasn't your normal posse of beach-combing vacationers though. This group was lined up with a purpose. As we got closer, we noticed a man lowering a red bucket onto the sand and then a stream of baby sea turtles climbing out.


We found out that this was the last group of stragglers from a set of 97 hatchlings that emerged from a set of nests in the dunes a few days ago.  This group had trouble getting to the water then, however, so the Sea Turtle Rescue team had gathered them up for this supervised release.  Apparently it helps to have lots of people around to discourage the sea gulls from picking them off.



I was following this one little guy who went off by himself and was struggling to go straight:





Here he is as he made his way into the water:



And finally swimming: 


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